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So You Want to Hire Your Own Nanny and Don't Know Where to Start?

Find a Nanny in Bellevue, WaGet help from an expert. So You Want to Hire Your Own Nanny was written by an expert in the field to help take the mystery out of hiring the best nanny for your family.

In So You Want to Hire Your Own Nanny, Judi shares her secrets to success on how to find, interview, hire and employ a nanny on a day-to-day basis. In addition, she includes sample advertisements, employment contracts, applications, and job descriptions that she has used to find and place nannies in homes just like yours.

Here are just a few questions you might have about hiring a nanny. Want to know more? Order your own copy of So You Want to Hire Your Own Nanny today. In it, you'll find additional information about these and other related topics.

What does a nanny do?

  • What kind of nanny do I need?
  • Do nannies work part-time?
  • How much should I pay a nanny?
  • What benefits should I offer a nanny?
  • How often should I review my nanny's performance?
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