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Cheryl Novitsky
Household Manager / Nanny
25 Years Experience

Here's what Cheryl Novitsky, a professional household manager/nanny said about Judi Julin and Nanny Broker, Inc:

"Positively the most experienced, thorough and trusted placement director I have ever worked with."

"There is no comparison to the other placement agencies I have tried to secure employment with."

"Judi Julin has the inherent ability to create the perfect fit between the prospective employer and her clients."

"If there are opportunities out there, Judi Julin will find it."

Nanny agency in Bellevue, Wa Kristine Lim
Professional Nanny
15 Years Experience

Here's what Kristine Lim, a professional nanny had to say about Judi Julin:

"I have currently been a professional nanny for since 1996(15 years). I met Judi Julin in 1998 when a friend recommended her services to me. I have worked with several other agencies but always find myself coming to Judi's agency. The quality of service she provides is superior to other agencies I have delt with. Judi has continually been honest with and shows the upmost integrity in her work. She also has given me many helpful interviewing tips and hints on how to better communicate with a family that been working with. Judi is very supportive of her nannies even after she has found us work.

I now have my own family and would not hesitate to recommend Judi either family looking to hire a nanny or a nanny who is looking for a family to work with."

Bernadette Worden
Nanny / Housekeeper
20+ Years Experience

Here's what Bernadette Worden, a professional nanny and housekeeper who has worked with Judi for 21+ years
had to say about Judi Julin:

"I have worked with Judi Julin RN Nannybroker for 21 years, she is a wonderful person and great to work with. Judi has a unique ability to match nannys and families that works well for both of them.

She has placed me with many families over the years and I am still working for three of those families.

Giver her a call, you won't be disappointed."

Siobhan Rusk
16+ Years Experience

Here's what Siobhan, a professional nanny, had to say about Judi Julin:

"My name is Siobhan and I have been working with Judi for the last 16 years as both full-time permanent Nanny and also on-call when needed. Judi has been someone that that I am able to put my full trust into that she will always have both the familys and my best interest in mind. She has always been very proactive in creating wonderful Nanny/Family relationships by placing me with families that have common interests and values,and ensures that schedules and length of employment goals are exactly what both parties seek to make sure there is little, if any, reason for any turnover. She has placed me with a family that ended up lasting 7 years with whom I am still friends with today, even though job ended over 7 years ago! As a mother now myself, there is nobody else I would go to other than Judi if I wanted quality, loving, fun and professional care for my children. I am curently looking for another family to Nanny for, now that my kids are older and would go to nobody but Judi. She loves what she does and she knows how to match Nanny to family. I have Judi to thank for the opportunity to create for myself a career as a professional Nanny and can't imagine doing anything else! "

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